How Can You Save Money On Thermal Paper Till Rolls?

Of course, you want to save money on paper rolls, till rolls, cash register rolls, thermal till rolls or PDQ rolls. You can follow the step guide to cut the cost and paper usage below. It is also environmentally friendly.

- You should buy thermal till rolls in bulk

Because the paper is quite heavy, delivering paper becomes more expensive. There are couriers that provide suppliers discounts for bulk orders which they usually pass on to their customers who buy in bulk. You should check out the "price per roll" of twenty boxes of rolls unlike when you buy four boxes only. Get more tips from

- Choose the maximum roll size

Refer to your manual for roll size and see to it that you determine the optimum roll diameter for your printer. If you will not fill your printer's basket, this will cause you to roll changes and buying the unneeded till rolls.

- Choose the maximum core size

You should know if the core size of your till roll is needed for your printer to be used. If you have not checked it, the internal dimension of the core must be not more than 12.7 mm internal diameter. You will find in other printers a spindle or driver is inserted into the core to feed the POS Rolls forward. In this case, the core size is important and you cannot save anymore.

But most printers, the roll simply sits in a cradle or basket so the core size is not that important for the performance of the printer. But in this case, the large cores means less paper and more changing and buying of rolls. You may watch and know more facts about thermal paper till rolls at

- It is important to check the length and diameter

You must know the number of meters in a roll and use the optimum for the diameter. If you are in doubt, you should check out your supplier. You must also see to it that your supplier sends the rolls with the right dimensions that you specified. You can see a whole difference with a few mm.

- See to it that there is no waste

See to it that there is extra paper left in the till or device if it indicates that you need to change the till roll. You must adjust the printers with screws or levers in order for the paper to be used. This adjustment is necessary when you begin using rolls with various core size. You should buy a better fitting roll when your device has no way of adjusting it. You can always call your supplier to help you with this.